The Purpose and Goals of the Contest

The purpose of the 4-Way Test is to foster the principles of ethics in everyday life as well as in business. The Speech Contest is designed to introduce high school students to Rotary and the 4-Way Test by creating interest through a competitive speech contest, sponsored by their local Rotary club.
The specific goals of the Contest are to: 
• Acquaint a large number of youth with Rotary, and specifically, the tenets of the 4-Way Test.  
• Demonstrate and enhance Rotarians’ commitment to youth. 
• Heighten awareness of Rotary among parents, school officials, and the community at large. 
• Recognize, encourage and reward hard work and accomplishment in our youth. 
• Provide an opportunity for Rotarians to participate in a Community/Vocational Service program which focuses on the 4-Way Test as our standard of behavior.

General Information

There are three levels of competition: Club, Regional and District. Each club indicates their intent to compete by submitting the Club Entry Form by February 1, 2020 and conducts their local club level contests by March 1, 2020. Club contests MUST be completed by March 1, 2020. Four Regional Contests will be held during March and April 2020. Specific dates and locations for these contests will be determined based on clubs entering the contest. The winning speaker from each of the four Regional contests will compete at the District level competition, which will be held at the District Conference on April 18, 2020, in Gettysburg, PA.

Manual & Forms

The 2019-20 Manual can be downloaded here: 2019-20 Manual
Individual Forms from the Manual can be downloaded below:

• Student Entry Form and Biography 2019-20 - FORM
• Contest Poster 2019-20 - FORM

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