EarlyAct – Community Service for Kids

What is “EarlyAct” you ask.  It is “Community Service for Kids” in the form of a school-wide service club for elementary students, from ages 5-13, that is sponsored by a local Rotary Club. 

The mission of “EarlyaAct” is to promote goodwill, understanding and peace through the active participation of its student members so that with committed citizenship and effective leadership they may improve the quality of life of their school as well as their local and global communities. 

“EarlyAct” teaches caring, respect, empathy, responsibility, tolerance, citizenship, compassion, friendship and leadership, all noble qualities we must agree. 

The mission and operation of “EarlyAct” are closely linked to the ideals of Rotary and provide the foundation and natural succession into Interact which can now operate in both the Middle School and the High School.  It provides young students the opportunity for gaining an increased awareness and knowledge of their community and the world. 

At their young age, elementary students can easily be encouraged to be caring and helpful.  Their minds are open to recognize the dignity and worth of each individual which builds respect for others.  “EarlyAct” also promotes understanding and the building of friendships among the club members.  In addition, it also engages students in character-building activities and prepares them for leadership roles to identify and carry out projects which benefit their school and communities throughout the world. 

Through “EarlyAct”, students learn to take responsibility for real-life problems and to realize the significant impact of their involvement. 

Some of the “EarlyAct” Club guidelines are as follows:

“EarlyAct”, is a school-wide self- supporting service club in which the members are all students.  The club members should carry out three service projects annually – one for their school, one for their local community and one which furthers international understanding. 

Ideally the club should meet twice monthly for 30 minutes or more.  These meetings should be conducted by the “EarlyAct” Club officers and two rotating representatives from each class should attend the meetings.  Such meetings are to be conducted using parliamentary procedure, under the guidance of attending faculty and Rotarian advisors. 

The club officers, appointed by the faculty advisors based on leadership assessment and teacher recommendations, are selected from the two senior classes of the elementary school.  There are no dues with all monies for projects and activities being raised through the club activities.  The Club should submit an annual report to their sponsoring Rotary Club. 

Danny Kaye, the famous actor once stated, “The greatest natural resource any country can have is its children”.  Let’s heed that great advice and help all of our children, no matter what their age, to learn more about “Service Above Self” and how to truly “Be a Gift to the World” and “Change Lives” for the better.


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