The District Nominating Committee will be chaired by the most recent past governor of the district, who is willing and able to serve. The committee will be composed of 17 members, including the two most recent past governors of the district, who are willing and able to serve, the current district governor, district governor elect, district governor nominee, and the district governor nominee designate. The other 11 members shall be club presidents, or recent past club presidents designated by the club presidents, of the 11 clubs selected by lottery at the district conference each year. Six alternate club presidents will be selected by the same lottery. No club shall be represented on the nominating committee two years in succession. Provided, however, the two past district governors, DGE, DGN, and DGND on the committee will not be considered as representing their respective clubs. A candidate must receive at least 60% of the votes from the members present for nomination. The date of the annual meeting of the nominating committee should be announced no later than June 1 in each year and published in the current district directory.

Time Schedule for Selecting New District Governor:
* January 15 – Official call by the district governor inviting clubs to submit nominees for the office of district governor for consideration by the nominating committee and announcing March 1 as the deadline for receipt of such nominations. Additional announcements inviting suggestions for the office of governor should be published in the January and February issues of the Governor’s monthly newsletter.


* March 1 – Deadline for receipt by the nominating committee chairperson of club resolutions suggesting candidates for the office of district governor.

* March 30 – Deadline for selection of nominee for district governor by the nominating committee. The nominating committee chairperson will promptly notify all suggested candidates of the decision by telephone, fax, or mail.

* March 31 – Deadline for the district governor to publish the name and club of the selected nominee and to announce April 15 as the deadline for receipt by the district governor of challenges on behalf of previously suggested candidates.

* April 15 – Deadline for receipt by the district governor of club resolutions naming previously suggested Rotarians as challenging candidates.

* April 30 – Deadline for the district governor to publish notice to the clubs of challenging candidates and to inquire if any clubs wish to concur with the challenge or challenges by May 14. Only challenges that have been concurred to by at least 5 other clubs in the district shall be considered valid.

* May 14 – Deadline for receipt by the district governor of club resolutions concurring with a challenge or challenges.

* May 16 – Mailing of ballots by the district governor for a contested election when there are valid challenges with five or more clubs concurring with each original challenge or challenges. The ballots will be sent by US Mail and/or email with delivery receipt and will be mailed/emailed to the President of each Club using their postal and email addresses of record.

* May 31 – Deadline for receipt by the district governor of ballots for a contested election. The ballots will be returned by US Mail and/or email with delivery receipt to the District Governor.

* June 10 – Deadline for counting of ballots by a balloting arrangements committee appointed by the district governor. Following the count, the district governor will promptly notify the candidates of the election results. The district governor will publish the name of the elected candidate in the next issue of the governor’s monthly letter.

If resolutions of challenge by clubs are not submitted by the deadline, or they are subsequently withdrawn, or there are not five or more concurring clubs in a challenge, or concurrences are withdrawn, then the district governor will declare the nominee to be the official nominee unchallenged and so notify all club presidents within 15 days thereafter.

Nominate a candidate from your club by submitting a resolution confirming a vote of nomination by your club’s membership, signed by your club president and club secretary, along with the completed “District Governor Nominee.”

District Governor Nominee Form

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