Middle Tennessee District Fair

The Middle Tennessee District fair  is an agricultural and  commercial fair that runs  annually in September at Lawrenceburg Rotary Park.  Approximately 100,000 guests pass through the gates each year, and the fair has become the premier fall event in our community. Click here to view our Fair Catalog. 

Although many consider the fair to be a fund raising activity, this week long event constitutes one of the major community service projects in Lawrence County. The club invests over $300,000 each year to produce this award winning fair.


 In addition to the permanent facilities provided for our community,

Community Service aspects of the Middle Tennessee District Fair include:

Showcasing agriculture through livestock, horticultural displays, 4H contests, food preservation, educational demonstrations, and flower shows  For many of our visitors, the fair is their only exposure to the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.  Bringing people from town and country; young, old and in between; from various educational and economic backgrounds together at an entertaining event that promotes friendship,  understanding, and good will.

Providing a venue for local businesses to display their products and services to visitors from all segments of our community. Providing a venue for public service, religious, and charitable organizations to promote their programs and services. The fair is a major outreach activity for many of these groups. 

Fundraising opportunities for organizations thoughout our community. Groups like Kiwanis, Lions, Eastern Star (Masons), Volunteer Fire, Community Clubs, and VFW, implement their main fund raising activities at the Middle Tennessee District Fair. Bringing top name entertainment and  attractions to our community at an affordable price.  Artists including the Beach Boys, George Jones, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Billy Currington, Garth Brooks, Charlie Daniels, and the Oak Ridge Boys have performed at the Middle Tennessee District Fair      

Lawrenceburg Rotary assumed management and ownership of the Middle Tennessee District Fair in 1950.  At that time, the fair was struggling to survive and desperately needed an infusion of energy, ideas and capital.  Our club had been in existence for only three years and was looking for a signature project that would engage the membership while serving the community. As a result, a group of ten Rotarians arranged and personally guaranteed financial backing to lease the fairgrounds and purchase ownership of the fair.  Good management and the club's consistent support allowed the fair to become self supporting and the initial debt was soon retired.  The fair is active in the Tennessee Association of Fairs and is recognized as one of the finest in Tennessee.  Revenues are reinvested into the facilities of Lawrenceburg Rotary Park and enable club support of various projects and programs including The Rotary Foundation. 

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