Lawrenceburg Rotarians Have Packaged

Over 76,000 Meals To Feed The Hungry

2019: 10,000 Meals

2020: 14,256 Meals

2021: 14,256 Meals

2022: 14,256 Meals

2023: 12,096 Meals

2024: 11,880 Meals


Rotarians From Lawrenceburg and Neighboring Communities Pack 11,880 Meals To Feed The Hungry
70 Rotarians, family, and friends from Lawrenceburg and neighboring communities joined together at Lawrenceburg Rotary Park on Saturday, March 9, 2024 to assemble meal packets for distribution to the hungry. For the sixth consecutive year, the Lawrenceburg Rotary Club partnered with Rise Against Hunger, an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable. Rotarians from Pulaski, Waynesboro, and Columbia assisted with this year’s event.
The project consisted of assembling dehydrated food packages containing rice, soy, mixed vegetables, and a vitamin packet capable of feeding up to six people. The Lawrenceburg Rotary Club purchased food and supplies through Rise Against Hunger which also provided workstations and guidance on how to efficiently package the items. Rise Against Hunger will consolidate locally assembled packages with output from similar events, then ship overseas to a disaster area or other sustainable program where food is needed.
Event coordinator Maria Santini stated “After participating in one of these events at our Rotary District Conference in 2018, I wondered if Lawrenceburg Rotary could do such a project on its own. Our club’s Board agreed to fund the project and we found enthusiastic support from our club’s membership. This has become an annual event for our club and we have packaged over 76,000 meals in the last six years. Rotarians from Pulaski, Waynesboro, and Columbia assisted with this year’s event”.
The Lawrenceburg Rotary Club is a member of Rotary International, an organization consisting of 1.3 million Rotarians in over 36,000 clubs operating in 200 countries and regions across the globe. The local club manages the Middle Tennessee District Fair and numerous other projects in Lawrenceburg and Lawrence County, Tennessee.


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